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    1. +86-523-86200346

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      It has a capable, professional and knowledgeable expert team, which is not only good at independent research and development, but also good at breaking various technical barriers and market monopoly


      Founded in 2008

      Mainly engaged in technical research and development and import sales of fine chemicals and biological products

      Originchem Co., Ltd. is a private company established in 2008, located in the heart of China Medical City. Originchem has a team of specialists in chemical, analytical, clinical regulatory and market areas. It commits to serving customers in China and abroad within the healthcare arena, more particularly in pharmaceutical industry. Originchem is also engaged in identifying the best source of pharmaeucital and medical products to customer requirements or best customers for good products. The company also has the ability to manage the entire supply chain including regulatory path and market launch.


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      Originchem Co., Ltd.

      Address: 3rd Floor, G09, China Medical City, Taizhou city, JiangSu Province, China

      Postcode: 225300

      Contact: Mr. Zhang

      Tel: +86-523-86200346

      Fax: +86-523-86200341

      Mobile: +86-15996028822

      E-mail: sales@originchem.com

      QQ: 1583458435

      URL: www.huckleberryhillschool.com

      Originchem Co., Ltd

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